Meet the Artists!

Ernestine Bucking, the internationally-renown Austrian artist who started the Festival originally, 50 years ago, will be returning to Afton to join in the celebrations.


The serene and uplifting style of classically trained and highly honored Austrian-born artist and sculptor is aptly considered to be “Romantic Realism.” The internationally recognized artist has hosted many one-woman shows across the nation, and has received numerous awards over the past four decades. Ernestine paints in watercolor, acrylic and oil to gently capture on canvas diverse wildlife and floral wonders of the natural world, and enjoys working in mixed media. Her lifelong quest for honesty in her paintings is fulfilled by the careful use of tones and shades that mirror those that appear in nature. An avid art collector commented: “Birds in her paintings seem to move” … and her unique work inspired a noted art critic to write: “Bucking’s paintings seem to capture the experience of looking out the window at the same scene every day yet seeing something different each time.” Her work is in numerous public and private collections from Russia to Caracas. Many of her paintings and sculpture pieces are on display at corporations, businesses, and colleges and universities. Ernestine’s creativity was obviously inherited from her family. She has studied art and sculpture in Switzerland, France, England and Germany. As the Owner, Artist & Instructor at Bucking Art Studio, many an Aftonite have original paintings on their walls, and will be sharing these on display during the Afton Arts & Crafts Festival.

Saturday, August 20, 3:00-6:00pm
The River Club Restaurant
Tickets are available now, click here!
This is a catered open house.

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Linda Cook DeVona is an illustrator and painter based in Afton.
With a sharp eye for the smallest of details, Linda is known for her wonderful images of life in rural upstate New York and New England. Covered bridges, local flora and fauna, and natural splendors such as lakes and valleys are rendered through delicate pen-and-ink linework, punctuated with seasonal pops of seasonal color from changing leaves to springtime blooms. She studied her Master of Education in Art at Rochester Institute of Technology.
Linda will be in front of Hickory & Doc on Main Street during the Festival. You will want to purchase sets of her pen and ink illustrations and Farmhouse Greetings cards.

Renae Finch, of Nay’s Art Commissions, of Afton, creates acrylic paintings, drawings, tattoo and logo designs, handmade key chains, necklaces and earrings, and does face painting! Check out her new line of bottle cap pins at her booth, located right in front of
The Old Tome Bookstore on Main Street. She also entered her first-ever Art Contest, with two paintings, including one glow-in-the dark.

Karl M. Fritz, an Afton resident, is known for his unique fine art creation, “Celebrating the beauty in life.” He is a creative digital artist and skilled photographer, with his work displayed in galleries and featured online. His diverse talents have served clients including
The City of The Hague, Walt Disney, and Broadway Shows (NYC). At his Diamond Sponsor booth, he gave tribute to Ernestine Bucking for inspiring his career in nature photography, and displayed her painting that started it all for him at age 6, referred to as “The Stump.”

Madison Hornick is a talented Fluid Artist and Fashion Designer from Candor, NY. Her paintings are a truly unique style of combining acrylic and oil, with many hangings coated with epoxy. No two are alike!
Madison will be doing demonstrations both days of this fluid art at the Festival, so look for her stand-up gallery and demonstration area!

Chris Lissandrello, an Afton resident, has a lengthy bio as a teacher of visual arts and art including at Sidney Central School District.
He Studied Art Education at Rhode Island School of Design, and Buffalo State College. His career has been highlighted by several solo painting exhibitions, including at the Harrington Gallery. Chris was honored to be chosen NYSATA’s Region 4 Art Educator of the Year.
He has been a cherished judge for the Bainbridge Regatta Chair Contest, for many years.

Joseph Santamaria, of Bourbon Joe Designs, joins us from Deposit, NY, showing his skilled craftsmanship of custom laser engraving and woodburning. You will want to see his booth and wood signs, stunning cutting boards, and home decor.

Christopher Lloyd Wright, an Afton resident, designed the original Festival palette logo. He primarily works in oil paint with portraiture as the subject matter. “I rely only on my eye and my many years of painting and drawing faces and places when it comes to composing and executing a work. I reference photographs without the aid of tracing paper or projector, so that my work is from my talent and not a photo-realistic copy.” Contact him directly for portrait commissions.
View his gallery: